Clarifications On Science

Weird dog fighting based economy of the world of Pokemon and this is why different poke balls are more effective than others well anything with a systemically is susceptible to Preconditioning and Stockholm Syndrome no tall nervous systems are exactly identical so some poke balls say ones meant to capture bugs are more tweaked to their specific biochemistry this inexactly why poke balls don’t always.

work whenever a Pokemon breaks free of basketball they’re saying sorry bro you can’t control me you don’t know me I gammy own polka person that is until you beat them up a bit more until their legs don’t work at the end of the day whether they’re quantum entanglement devices that break down Pokemon on a molecular level or they’re just magic balls filled with mind-altering drugs and horrific brain pictures like clockwork orangeades are at their core manipulative abusive cruel devices of torture that exists to pacify.

Animals and turn them into bloodthirsty killers ready to fight anything their masters demand them to at moment’s notice no freaking wonderland won’t get back inside spokespeople he is one smart rats inexhaustibly want to be the means oh hi there it’s me Austin not shoddy cast and notation with a cold I just want to talk to you really quickly because of my last video I made a joke that sorry may betook a little bit too seriously although I do appreciate your support last video I made a joke covering my bleeps with hashtag.

I saw in the comment hashtag let Austin curse and it ballooned into a pseudo conspiracy theory about man I don’t even know anyway I’m not swearing anymore because YouTube is changing their policies to start pulling ads from videos.